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Monday, January 15, 2007

Excesses of beauty

There are a few poems I have nearly memorized.

Nearly, being the operative word, forgetful lover of words that I am.

These are the few which continue to mean different things for different moments in my life and continue to speak to me.

When I cannot sleep, a particular poem by a one of my favorite Filipino poets comes to mind--Eric Gamalinda

He teaches at the Asian Studies Program at New York University. He is also the million peso award-winner of the Centennial Literary Competition that the NCCA held to celebrate the centenary of Philippine Independence with a novel, "My Sad Republic." Which also happened to be the novel a requirement for my lit classes.

This one, entitled Subterranean from his collection Zero Gravity, quells the heavy, heady dose of restlessness a lot of us quarter-life-kids may have been having these past days into the new year. You can listen to Gamalinda read Subterranean by clicking on the link.

A kind of unsettling feeling that comes with the uncertainty of what lies ahead in the immediate future, knowing the longer-term has been set in stone. Friends and family who we have lost also remain and linger in memory early on in the year.

The only difference lies in those who respond to being able to live artfully!

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