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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tripping at the Bacolod IYAS Workshop

The past week in Bacolod was a blast--especially with oysters, beer, lit-talk about writing in dialect among fellows and panelists at the IYAS workshop.

Among the works in English, Filipino, Hiligaynon and Kinaray-a served up during the workshop was the heady combination of food, nature-tripping, visits to haunted homes from the turn of the century and of course, the steady stream of libation---coffee, milo, beer, atbp!

The fellows roster below in alphabetical order:

Bryan Argos (Poetry in Hiligaynon)
Lawrence Bernabe (Poetry in Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a)
Nina Calleja (Poetry in Filipino)
Catherine Candano (Poetry in English)
Douglas Candano (Fiction in English)
Igor Dela Pena (Poetry in English)
Nino Manaog (Poetry in English)
Marcel Milliam (Poetry in Hiligaynon)
Bernadette Neri (Fiction in Filipino)
Nikka Osorio (Poetry in Filipino)
Ned Parfan (Poetry in English)
Joshua So (Fiction in English)
Christian Tabalzon (Fiction in Filipino)
Ana Maria Villanueva (Fiction in English)

For the fellows, remember these lines:

"My kinaray-a is not a pig."

"If I were Anna Karenina and I met this character, instead of killing myself, I would push him off the train platform myself!"

"Of course, from the pen name, I think we already know who Gyudon Devourer is."


halik ng higad said...

hello! hello! can i link you?

scarface said...

Wheee! Just found this. Kinaray-a is not a pig, it's a healthy wild boar! =) can i link you too?

MARZ said...

kathy mommy!I miss you... di mo nilagay ang pinaka linya natin! EPIPHNY!

classicrockfan said...

hi ned, lawrence and marz!

sure feel free to link away...oo nga forgot about EPIPHANY FOREVER! Will post that in the next entry:)

how are you guys doing?!;)

vittorio said...

Hi Cathy!

-Vittorio :)