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Monday, June 4, 2007

A Cleaner, Greener Business Model this World Environment Day!

It's World Environment Day today!
Happy W.E.D friends:)

Posting a picture of the savannahs of Transvaal in South Africa--since last year's W.E.D was themed "Don't Desert the Drylands." This year, climate change and global warming affects even more people in other communities.

One way to think of W.E.D. is the spirit of idealism to remember we are one world environment.
In the business world, environment is usually seen as a necessary input of production, with necessary waste--hence oceans, atmosphere, urban streets are the catchbins that renew itself everyday.
But when we manage the inefficiencies we generate, any kind of waste, and channel them back into productive processes, we realize we are only mimicking this cyclic effort of renewal.
Green productivity, clean production, pollution prevention are names for this. A kind of vigilante attempt of engineers, process advocates and creative thinkers to make waste work and make money, instead of being a drain on the wallets of business communities and carrying capacity of nature in the form of penalties, emission taxes, waste removal costs and of course the impact on the overall ecosystem.
I remember, I was floored by the idea of simplifying processes. Trim the fat, get back to the basics, recycle what can be channeled back into the loop, make it last and sustainable by being efficient, creating value.
If like me you think this is a great value proposition--then check out this event below for anyone interested in better, smarter ways of doing business--the greener, cleaner, more productive way.
It's not called GREEN PRODUCTIVITY for nothing!


Check out the 11th Annual Philippine Pollution Prevention Roundtable Presents

Venue: 25th Floor RCBC Tower, Makati City
27 June 2007 (Wednesday)

8:00 AM –12:00 NOON

The objective of this roundtable is to present sanitation policies and their implementation, which will facilitate objective discussions among industries, NGOs, POs and policy makers to evaluate the useful applications of innovative sanitation technologies to municipalities, small cities and highly urban areas.

Speakers for the event include Dir. Ramon Alikpala of NWRB, Sanitation Specialist Mr. Gerardo Parco, Mr. Antonio Aquino, President of Manila Water Co. and Hon. Mayor German Sarana of Bayawan City.

Participation and Registration:

General Participations are invited for a general forum fee of Php 500.00 only.

NGOs and government agencies are invited to partake of the 20 free slots, subject to screening for proper allocation, as well as 10 free slots for students, as determined by screening.

P3R is a member of the Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production.

P3R is partners with the Board of Investments – Department of Trade and Industry: Environmental Management Bureau – Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Committee on Ecology, House of Representatives; Clean and Green Foundation Inc.; Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines; Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers; United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP); Infinite Progressions Corporation

For inquiries contact Liezel Viernes at 02-536-0260


Curious_tan said...

Thanks for the comments. You can search AIT on the web at:

On the other hand, Im happy that you featured articles relevant to environmental protection. I have close friends who are members of the 3P Round Table both from public and private sectors.

If you need further assistance for scholarship grants, dont hesitate to email me.


Curious_tan said...

This is another link for the scholarship grants available at AIT.


classicrockfan said...

hi there--appreciate your feedback! yes, 3P is doing great work but i am hoping that more people realize the value of the 3P/clean production initiatives!

will definitely look through the link you added and will be in touch:) take care!