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Friday, September 14, 2007

Like an old Chinese favorite....

My dad and I have a thing for cashew nuts--especially in food. We're the only ones in our foodie family to actually love an order of stir fried chicken with cashew nuts in Chinese restaurants whether at home or on the road.

And lo and behold, one of my favorites has a Thai incarnation--made with fish sauce, oyster sauce and a lot of scallions and sweet onions:) And no, it is not spicy...

At the cafeteria, there is one particular stall which I am definitely a "suki" of already. I order this to go or to eat right there with my friends during lunch break. And at 30 baht, with rice, it's a steal:)

I've been thinking a lot about my food choices lately and what they've meant especially since it's been a month since I've been here. There are definitely interesting things about being in AIT cafeteria--like great Indian food (samosas, lassi, chicken tikka, nan bread, yumyum, you name it!), slow-cooked Chinese-Thai food (it's my first time in a long time to have honest to goodness pork humba with knuckles and egg) and then the Thai-food-you-are-not-sure-is-spicy-but-you're-too-scared-to-try-so-you-ask-your-friend-to-order-it.

Maybe easing in is a good thing. Taking it slow and steady...going with what you know and then movingf outwards little by little.

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