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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pad Thai Numero Uno, other food favorites

My favorite Thai dish hands down: pad thai!

In my adventures, there is a shop that I frequent in Soi Ari that serves the best pad thai. It serves nothing but pad thai--with small shrimp, jumbo prawns, glass noodles, ramen noodles, etc. It's pad thai heaven sprinkled with peanut bits and lime juice all over:)

My favorite escape includes a big order of pad thai, and a cool glass of kwe kiao, chrysanthemum tea:)

But the being more adventurous especially with the mobile thai fare, read, street food, I've ventured to two interesting habits: buying freshly baked bread and khao mun gai from friendly people in the same area.

There is a friendly lady who laughs at my pronunciation of moo yong, which is the bread with pork floss baked into it. (Sort of reminds you of yummy Bread Talk back home.) It's baked right on the street, fresh from a large steel oven just outside the swing doors to a grocery store. And it is perfect--soft buttery bread loaf, warm from the oven, barely risen, with a secret salty-sweet surprise. I've been adventurous and tried the moo yong with chili paste inside (chili paste is yet another Thai discovery!) but my favorite is the regular one.

Then there is a skinny chicken seller who claims his is the 'best chicken in Thailand,' which actually I haven't found the cause to argue about yet. He makes khao mun gai, which is better known in my lifetime as Hainanese chicken rise. This is my ultimate comfort food--the subtle steamed chicken slices and the bold chickenstock-flavored rice. Perfect. My whole family knows how to make this at home, and loves it--willing to suffer the intensive and slow cooking process. But this time, for around 30 pesos a serving, piping hot and steaming, I believe I've found my "suki" for a song.

I believe those two are a close second and third place to pad thai!

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