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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Filipina in Hyderabad

Having replaced writing blog entries for writing book chapters and conference papers since heading to grad school, it seems like this blog needs a bit more recent action!

Most recently, I had a grand adventure in Hyderabad, meeting up with old friends from the environment movement, Vikram and Aparna! Of course the legitimate reason for this green reunion was 100% academic. I shared research on online news reporting on climate change from the Philippines at the Asian Media Information and Communications Centre (AMIC) regional conference, hosted by the University of Hyderabad.

My presentation talked about how different the content of online reporting was between civil society bloggers and online journalists in talking about climate change policy at the 2009 Copenhagen Summit. While arguing for the need to look deeply into content variation, I focused a lot on the idea that alternative framing is what ultimately determines alternative content, which differentiates mainstream from alternative media.

I had no idea that this Filipina in Hyderabad would get a lot of questions from academics, apparently the radar graphs I used were a major draw! At least four different people in the audience approached me after the session to find out how such framing efforts could be visually illustrated!

It was an amazing experience to be in touch with such amazing researchers focused on environmental communications, especially Lecturer Maitreyee who talked about the indigenous communities of Orissa, India and Prof. Mohammed Zin Nordin from Penang, Malaysia, who served as our panel chair.

And the Paneer McSpicy (commercial from McDonald's India here!) plus mulberry digestive, alongside the walk on the lake with Vikram who works at WWF Hyderabad, and Aparna who does environment education with CEE's Hyderabad office made it a rockin' week!

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