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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bacolod Bound--IYAS Natl Writers' Workshop

Ana kulit-meister is the reason why I actually got off my butt and sent in an application for a Fellowship in English Poetry at the IYAS National Writers Workshop. One of the few opportunities for a free writing vacation/inuman/bonding over everything written down in our country.

Ana and I met in 2005 at as roomies and co-fellows at the UP Writers Workshop. And once again, because of her constant encouragment/nagging, I'm packing my bags to go to Bacolod for the DLSU IYAS Workshop. Once again her fiction and my poetry are going to get the microscopic treatment of some really cool writers. More re-birthing pains than anything.

Funny thing is, Douglas, my brother also got it. We got the calls that we got into the workshop the same day. Since the application process requires us to submit un-marked works with a pseudonym, the organizers and judges only really found out who we were after they matched the pseudonym on the submissions to the sealed enveloped with our contact details inside.

So yes, there's me, Anna and my brother, for a week with writers in Bacolod:)

Thanks Anna, for bugging me with love:) Even if Sir Cirilo Bautista won't be there this year:( WAHH...


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Do you have the complete list of successful passers? thanks

classicrockfan said...

I mentioned the complete fellows list on today's entry!

Hope there you have some friends on the list--as the workshop was a great experience for me with a bunch of wonderful people!