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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Punk Rockin' in Bangkok!

My friend Tina is the hot bassist for the indie punk band here in Bangkok called "Tender Preys." They're a trio composed of a French frontman/lead guitar, a British drummer and a Pinay bassist:) All original stuff here, reminding you of happy 80's old school punk.

Checked out their gig last Saturday at the Immortal Bar on Khao Sarn Road (the famous backpacker district)--and it was great! Happy time for any head-banging rock lover in the emerging/indie/underground Thai rock band scene. The bar was a tiny place with a sitar, a mom and son manning the bar and dishing out beers, a 40-something way funky DJ who was spinning rock/metal hits punctuated by homemade sound effects, and 3 other Thai rock bands.

The Thai bands were interesting--a mix between pop-rock, heavier alt rock, and then there was this bluesy sounding one. Since they sang in Thai it was hard to make out but the songs were about, but good musicianship more than made up for it!

Tina's group is opening for the "Futons" this Valentine's day at RCA's Club 808. It's a kind of anti-Valentine's gig:)

The "Futons" are a pretty cool electro-punk gig with 2 Thai and 2 British members. They have a pretty cool music video
here. And it seems like Suede's former drummer has been reincarnated moving continents to Thailand to drum for Futon:)

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